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Electric Aromatherapy Diffusers: Ultrasonic Essential Oil Vaporizers and Soothing Fountains

We have new Electric Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Diffusers in stock!

NEW! Apple Electric Aromatherapy Diffusers!

I love these! They are adorable in the kitchen, dining room, kid's room or anywhere!
They hold a generous amount of tap water (about 8 ounces) and the output is nice and strong.
Light is optional. Full mist output or 30-second intermittent diffusion.
Dimensions: 5.5 inches high x 6 inches wide. Limited Supply. Price: $79.00

Choose Color:

This elegant, White Tower ultrasonic essential oil diffuser features an on-off nightlight and full diffusion or intermittent. It uses tap water and has a nice strong output of mist that goes straight up.
Dimensions: Base is 7 inches wide, height is about 10.5 inches. Price: $84.00

New electric aromatherpay diffusers in stock
3 styles and 4 colors to choose from

small electric aromatherapy diffuser

Ultrasonic Aqua Mist Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser (great for travel or small rooms)

This small and lovely aromatherapy diffuser is perfect for traveling or for small rooms, like an office or bedroom. It is almost 7 inches high and 3.5 inches wide. It features a color-changing nightlight feature that creates a tranquil effect. (The rotating colors can also be turned off.) Pure essential oils and clean water are broken into minute particles using ultrasonic technology and delivered as a fine mist through an opening at the top of the machine. The piece is plastic with a light pink top that is painted with flowers and a butterfly. It is nice and quiet, has 2 output levels, and is very easy to take care of. This electric aroma diffuser uses regular tap water and lasts a few hours before a refill is needed. You only need to use a few drops of pure essential oils (essential oils sold separately here). UL and CUL Approved DC adapter safely converts 120 volt power to a low 24 VDC from standard wall socket. Price: $36.50



Aromatherapy Spa Mist Vapor
(new and improved Spa Mist!)

A professional quality ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser. The beautiful, color-changing design creates a tranquil effect. (The rotating colors can also be turned off.) Pure essential oils and clean water are broken into minute particles using ultrasonic technology and delivered as a fine mist through the spout at the top of the machine. (The spout at the top can rotate.) The piece is plastic. The body is a matte white and the cap is silver. It is 7 inches high and 4.25 inches wide.

This aromatherapy mister is nicely improved from the previous model. For one, it is quieter. It also does not flicker when it is running out of water. The controls are now on the front of the diffuser, as opposed to the bottom, which makes it easier to turn on and off. The diffusing action is nice and strong. This electric aroma diffuser uses regular tap water and lasts several hours before a refill is needed. You only need to use a few drops of pure essential oils (Essential oils sold separately here). DC 24V adapter safely converts 120 volt power to a low 9W from standard wall socket.UL and CUL approved.
Limited supply. Price: $39.50



Aromatherapy Aqua Cool Humidifier

This is a fantastic Humidifier. (I have tried so many!) I will tell you what I like about this model. It is nice and quiet. It is simple to operate - one knob that you turn for desired output. It has 1 small light that turns green for on or red for out of water. This light is not too bright, so you can still sleep if the humidifier is in your bedroom. It is easy to clean (no hidden compartments). The white nozzle on the top of the unit can be swiveled to point the mist in any direction. This is an ultrasonic humidifier. There is no heat. To add essential oils, remove the top white piece and simply pour your aromatics by the drop into the water. The piece is plastic. It is 12 inches high and about 8 inches wide. It uses regular tap water. I love this machine! (Therapeutic essential oils sold separately here). Price: $79.00 - sold out


At night, this fountain makes beautiful, soothing designs of blue, green, and purple light against the wall and ceiling. Very magical!

Watch the video to see the rotating colors.

Tabletop Aromatherapy Spa Fountain

Electronic element pumps the water while four LED lights rotate to create a hypnotic change of colors. Modular glass shelves stack in a pyramid shape to create a symmetrical cascade of flowing water. Sculpted vase reflects a river-worn pattern to complement the natural look of an exotic waterfall. UL approved adapter safely converts 110 Volt power to a low 24 VAC from standard wall socket. Distilled water recommended for best performance.

Place a couple drops of pure essential oils into the water as the fountain bubbles. Use a light-weight essential oil, like lavender or lime for best results. Less is more. Only use one or two drops. This is a GORGEOUS fountain!
Price: $70.00



Introducing the new Rainforest Vaporizing Diffuser! Get Yours Today!

electric aromatherapy diffuser

The Rainforest Vaporizing Electric Diffuser is the most POWERFUL Aromatherapy Diffuser ever created because it has the power to HELP SAVE THE WORLD! Yes, this little Aromatherapy Diffuser has a chance (with your support) to help SAVE the biggest and most important “Diffuser” on the Planet. That is the Amazon Rainforest. Some of the most powerful and therapeutic essential oils come from the Amazon Rainforest. But how often do we think about the fact that the Rainforest are also where Clouds come from? Not to mention the very air that we are breathing right this second. Just as the Rainforest Diffuser creates a wonderful aromatic cloud, filled with negative Ions in your home, the Amazon Rainforest create those same clouds for the entire planet. No one really knows how bad life here will be if we allow earth's life giving Rainforest to be turned into cattle ranches and hay fields - but before we do, please consider these facts:

  • Experts estimates that we are losing 137 plant, animal and insect species every single day due to rainforest deforestation. That equates to 50,000 species a year. As the rainforest species disappear, so do many possible cures for life-threatening diseases.
  • More than 20 percent of the world’s oxygen is produced by the Amazon Rainforest.
  • The 5 Acres that YOU can help save today is enough to produce over 3 TONS of Oxygen PER YEAR!
  • The Amazon Rainforest have been described as the "Lungs of our Planet" because they provide the essential environmental process of recycling carbon dioxide into oxygen.
  • More than half of the world's estimated 10 million species of plants, animals and insects live in the tropical Rainforests. One-fifth of the world's fresh water is in the Amazon Basin.
  • We are destroying Earth's greatest biological treasures just as we begin to appreciate their value. Rainforests once covered 14% of the earth's land; today they cover only 6% and experts estimate that the last Rainforests could be consumed in less than 40 years.

Now with a couple of clicks you can do two very powerful things. Both will make a difference in the health and well-being of your family today and for generations to come.

First, bring the life giving health benefits of the rainforest into your home and let your family experience the the feeling of breathing fresh aromatic air that is filled with Negative Ions (just like in the rainforest).

Second, help us SAVE 5 Acres of Rainforest today for us and our future generations.

Get Yours Today!

Rainforest Vaporizing Electric Diffuser

Get Yours Today!





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