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Soapstone Candle Aromatherapy Diffusers

Aroma Lamps
Aroma Lamps: Aromatherapy candle diffusers made out of soapstone. Beautiful carvings and lovely natural stone colorations accentuate this lovely aromatherapy diffuser. Choose many shapes and sizes.
Some people just love candles (like me!). The flame brings a natural, soft ambiance to any room.

Aromatherapy Candle Diffusers are also called oil warmers, essential oil burners, and aroma lamps. There are styles, sizes, and prices for all tastes and budgets. We are adding new Aromatherapy Diffusers to our collection regularly. Please check back.

These lovely soapstone diffusers are made out of two pieces of hand-carved soapstone and use small, tea light candles (can be purchased separately).

Be Careful! The whole diffuser gets HOT when in use and may take a little while to cool down. Do not move a lit candle diffuser.

Soapstone Aromatherapy Diffusers
Medium Soapstone Aroma Diffuser: Vines in a Box - (3 3/4 inches tall) Various colors. Price: $10.95

Soapstone Aroma Lamps
Medium Soapstone Candle Diffuser: Twin Vines (3 3/4 inches tall) Various colors. Price: $14.95

Soapstone aroma lamp - Flower pattern

The LARGE Floral Aromatherapy Diffuser has flowers and leaves carved around the base, as well as pretty etchings around the outside of the top water dish. It is approximately 4.5 inches tall and has a 3.5 inch bowl for water and essential oils. The colors are mostly greys and cream tones. All soapstone essential oil burners have unique colorations and carvings, due to the nature of the stone and craftmenship of the carvers. The bowl for the Large Floral Soapstone Diffuser holds enough water to last the life of one regular tea light, without having to add more water. It is recommended that more water is added anyway, to extend the life of the stone. Remember, never leave a lit candle diffuser unattended. Price: $16.95 - Now on Sale - $15.95 1 left


Aromatherapy diffuser made out of soapstone. This aromatherapy diffuser features a carved Celtic decoration around the base.
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The SMALL Soapstone Aromatherapy Diffuser has Celtic Knots carved around the base. It is about 3.25 inches tall and has about a 2.25 inch bowl for water and essential oils. The color is a light greyish/green. All soapstone aromatherapy diffusers have unique colorations and carvings, due to the nature of the stone and craftmenship of the carvers. This Small Soapstone Aromatherapy Diffuser is mighty! The water and oils in the bowl burn off pretty quickly. You will need to add more water to last the life of the tea light candle. This diffuser is perfect for short but powerful bursts of aromatically infused scent in a room where the diffuser will be supervised. Price: $13.95 On Sale Now $12.95 - SOLD OUT

TIP: Instead of filling the reservoir with water, use beeswax or leftover pieces of natural, unscented candle wax. The wax lasts a very long time (days/weeks) and you don't have to worry about water evaporating too fast.



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How to Use a Candle Aromatherapy Diffuser

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CAUTION: Please read these instructions carefully before use.

"Although they are the tools of a gentle therapy, essential oils have the power to reach deep into the psyche, and to both relax the mind and uplift the Spirit."
--Gabriel Mojay
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