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Electric Aromatherapy Diffusers: The H2EO Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser

H2EO Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser - Currently Sold Out. Sorry!
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A beautiful model. 3 out-put levels. 4 color lights to choose from or a soothing rotation (or choose the no-lights option). Controls on the top of the machine. Uses distilled or purified water. Has 5 different timer presets. Automatic shut off at low water level. And the best part - it's nice and quiet. Price: $84.00
This is a GREAT machine!

Watch the video of the H2EO Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser to see the strong misting action and the rotating colors.

If you enjoy essential oils, you'll love these H2EO® AirCare electric aromatherapy diffusers! They offer the ultimate in safe and complete diffusion of any pure essential oils into your room's atmosphere.

Far superior to other diffusers and glass nebulizers, they use no heat or air pumps. And, they are nice and quiet! Perfect for the bedroom.

They harness the science of ultrasound to deliver micron-sized essential oil droplets so fine that within a moment of leaving the diffuser, the cool mist becomes a vapor, incorporated into the atmosphere and spreading evenly throughout your room. Colored lights options set the mood. For healthful sleep, all lights can be turned off (including the red power light) while diffusion continues.

When the water level gets low, the diffuser shuts itself off.

While the H2EO diffuser's shell looks similar to the generic models on the market, there have been vast improvements made which are exclusive to H2EO diffusers.

We worked closely with our manufacturing partner to completely re-engineer electronics and incorporate following features:

  • Multi-colored lights options or choose a single color - blue, green, or red
  • Ability turn all off (including red power light) for operation while sleeping
  • Quiet diffusion of any pure essential oil or blend of essential oils
  • Easy to operate, redesigned control panel on top of the the machine
  • Optimized volume settings let you choose low, medium, or high output
  • Five modes of operation - continuous and four intermittent
  • Lightweight, compact, energy-efficient switch-mode adaptor
  • Addition of a visible water fill line to help prevent over-filling
  • Very easy to clean
  • Owner's instruction manual

H2EO Aromatherapy Diffuser




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