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Information on Therapeutic Essential Oils

What does "therapeutic" mean?

To us, "therapeutic" in aromatherapy means the essential oils pure, unadulterated, and 100% authentic. In therapeutic Aromatherapy, the QUALITY of your oils is extremely important. (We are not talking about the essential oils you find at a natural food store, boutique or spa.) Only the highest, purest quality essential oils are used in Therapeutic Aromatherapy. The price of a "therapeutic" essential oil can sometimes be higher than the store-bought, recreational variety. Therapeutic essential oils are complete in their chemical complexity. Ours are only organic, wild-harvested, or unsprayed.

Only the highest, purest quality essential oils are used in
Therapeutic Aromatherapy.

What makes our Pure Essential Oils Therapeutic?

Our pure essential oils are:
Therapeutic essential Oils

  • Genuine and Authentic
  • single essences, not blends, no carriers
  • complete and pure, nothing is added or subtracted
  • come from the exact part of the plant specified -- flowering tops means flowering tops -- additional plant matter such as roots, stems, and lower branches are not added to the batch to increase the yield
  • are ethically harvested by devoted farmers
  • are distilled from the exact plant specified
  • come from the exact location specified

Our whole family uses HealthSpring therapeutic essential oils everyday.







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